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Update: Our Shop / Westfield / Click and Collect has been closed since December 2015 

We are now an Online only business, providing you amazing gifts delivered directly to your door. 

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Our Story...

Let us take you back to 2008, to the birth of our beautiful daughter (who of course will one day be our boss!). We received a small package in the post as a gift. Nanny had sent our daughter Trumpette Mary Jane baby socks. They were absolutely beautiful and looked gorgeous on our daughter, so much so that we tried searching on the internet to purchase some more. We soon found that there were lots of similar types but nothing as quality as the original ones, coupled with the fact they actually stayed on our daughter's feet no matter how much she tried to kick them off.

This was the spark that started it all. The Funky Fairy was born! We sourced a supplier and started selling the socks, firstly at small mother / baby groups, then at small fairs, stalls etc, finally working our way into a local shopping centre. Socks weren't enough though, so we started to expand, to look at other quality items that were exciting and funky. We then began to personalise our items and it was a total hit with our growing loyal customer base. We expanded to another shopping centre and we were starting to gather recognition for the amazing products we supplied. Soon we even had celebrities visiting us. We would love to mention them all, but they value their privacy and we appreciate them coming back to us.

As our daughter grew, so did we, from selling socks, clothing, personalised items, to now doing bling (rhinestones), vinyl and digital print. We are constantly looking for new and exciting products to bring to you our wonderful customers, and as we continue to grow and expand there is one thing that has remained constant. We are a family, we all look after each other, and we all ensure everything we make is to the highest of standards. When you visit us you'll be greeted with a smile, we will excitedly show you everything we do and you'll hopefully leave as excited about our products as we are!

So thank you for taking the time to learn our story, how we came about and how we continue to grow. We will soon be celebrating our 9th year as The Funky Fairy, so we hope you come and visit us online again soon.

Team Fairy